Together, it’s possible.

Creating impactful software solutions that empower your business to challenge the status quo and stand out among the crowd.


We are specialist software developers driven to create impactful solutions for your business.

Your business faces its own set of unique challenges and you need solutions to meet and exceed those challenges if you’re going to beat down the enemies of your business and get ahead. We’re experienced across several different technologies and development languages to make whatever you need happen from a wide range of solutions over multiple platforms.

We relish thinking creatively and take great pride in being meticulously methodical in designing and developing software that will provide the order and stability your business needs to grow. And because we thrive on creating something that will have a real impact for you and want you to feel that energy too, we back our recommendations with solid reasoning and use budget with integrity. The result is a robust solution that is secure, scalable, and delivered as agreed.

Achieve more. Waste less. Aim higher. Get better. Save harder. Be greater. Don’t let anything hold you back. We dream big and encourage you to do the same. The reward – seeing your business thrive.

The Global Method

Whatever we create for you has to be more than just fit for purpose, it has to give you a competitive edge. Our end-to-end approach improves feasibility and longevity with each stage feeding more value into the next, right from initial brainstorming and planning to design and build and through ongoing optimisation.

What our clients say

Wayne Stewart, OrbitProtect

“The system was built so well that we were able to make changes to it on the fly without anything else breaking – that was never the case with other companies we’d worked with,” Wayne Stewart

Dr Amy Scott, CWRI

“Global Office took a real interest in how it would look and what we needed it to do. They were really patient and professional and have gone out of their way to understand our needs, rather than just focusing on the technical side of things.”

James Morrison, Weatherstation

“Global Office have sped things up so that we can work more efficiently and I am now in a better place to take advantage of other technology. I really like the way they have focused on how to make the business work better.”